Race and Equity

JSIS Race and Equity Task Force



The JSIS Parent Race Equity Task Force was founded in 2018 by parents in response
to racism and anti-Blackness incidents between students. We committed then to
supporting and stewarding the demands made by JSIS Parents of Black Students,
and contributing to a vision of a school culture that prioritizes anti-racism.

Some examples of what we have accomplished together:

  • coordinated with the PTSA to fund diverse book purchases for the library;
  • gathered information about school discipline policies;
  • arranged live theater performances for JSIS students on topics of race;
  • provided trainings and support for parents;
  • collaborated with JSIS staff Race Equity Team;
  • held space for questions and healing; and
  • promoted a community action in support of Black Lives Matter.

Our work continues and is evolving. There is so much more we can do together and
with our children! We invite you to connect, and shape the work to come.
Please join us! Reach out any time at jsisREparents@gmail.com


JSIS Parent Race Equity Task Force


The mission of the Parent Race Equity Task Force at John Stanford
International School (JSIS) is to:

  • Challenge, interrupt, and dismantle racism, bias, and white supremacy;
  • Promote racial equity; and
  • Ensure that JSIS provides a safe and nurturing space for all students,
    parents, staff, and other members of the school community.


We seek to achieve this mission by:

  • Serving as a source of support to all members of the JSIS community,
    especially families of color and other traditionally marginalized members;
  • Building awareness and facilitating dialogue among members of the JSIS
    community about topics pertinent to race and equity;
  • Providing resources that promote equity and inclusion, and help JSIS
    community members take positive action for racial justice;
  • Ensuring awareness of and clear communication around racial issues and
    incidents that occur among our students and within the JSIS community,
    including clear communication around the response to such incidents and
    the effectiveness of the response;
  • Holding the JSIS administration and members of the JSIS community
    accountable to dismantling racism and assuring a safe environment for
    our children;
  • Recommending policies and procedures with respect to issues such as
    effective discipline policies, responses to racial incidents within the JSIS
    community, and methods to promote healing and restoration of trust in the
    aftermath of incidents; and
  • Providing a forum for dialogue, engagement, and decision making around
    the above activities to advance our journey toward racial equity.
Anti-racism Pledge


Anti-racism Pledge 2020-2021

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