Directory registration instructions

New families or non-registered returning families:

We are so happy to welcome you to JSIS! To fully participate in school life, we invite you to register to our secure online school directory. Joining our directory has these benefits:

  • Receive up-to-date communications from the school and classrooms.
  • Access contact information for other school members, and connect for playdates, birthday parties, school projects, etc.
  • Total control over your profile (update your contact information, "hide" any part of it, and change your privacy settings at any time)

Returning families, already registered:

Please sign in. Add your new student to your account by clicking +ADD CHILD under Family Info. Enter his/her/their name and the appropriate language under the language drop down. Be sure to SAVE before logging out.



Each member of your family can register separately and create their own profile. Click here to register.

Please note that by registering and setting your privacy preferences, you are agreeing that these preferences are in effect until you change them, and that your information can be printed for those school families who prefer a printed class list.


    • PRIVACY SETTINGS: Set your privacy settings within your profile.
    • Special letters and/or accents in names can be difficult to search in this online directory. It is your decision whether to enter names with accents or to take them out to make them more searchable.
    • Our system vendor, PTOffice, was selected for both their product functionality and their dedication to data security. PTOffice prioritizes data protection and has multiple levels of security to keep your information safe at the server, account, and user levels. See their privacy policy here.


Questions? Email Carol and Kiwon at