For over 120 years, PTAs have helped solve some of the biggest issues facing America's children. Many of the structures all children benefit from today, such as child labor laws, universal kindergarten, the National School Lunch Program and the juvenile justice system, were accomplished as a result of PTA members' advocacy.

Your membership fee supports programs and services offered by JSIS PTSA, as well as work done on the local, state, and national level for public schools. Being part of the state and national PTSA allows us to amplify the voices of our community by participating in advocacy through local, regional and national legislative sessions. 

The suggested membership fee is $25. If your family would like to request a scholarship to cover the cost of your membership, please email


Why should I join?

Many decisions are made at our PTSA General Meetings, including how the PTA raises and allocates funds. While all are welcome to attend, learn, and discuss at General Meetings, only PTA members may vote. Your membership also gives the Washington State PTA a stronger voice in Olympia to advocate for yours and all other children. PTSA members can also sign their child up to participate in After School Activities (more details below).

As an additional perk, Washington State PTA members can access discounts with many supportive businesses


What is the advantage of JSIS PTSA family membership?

The advantage of family membership is that if you and your partner have different opinions about issues that come to a vote by the PTSA, you each have a vote. If only 1 of you is a member, then only that person can vote. Although most of the money goes to state and national PTSA, a small portion of it stays at JSIS for us to use for events that enhance our children's education as well as our school's sense of community.


How do I join the JSIS PTSA?

You can join online by clicking on the red button above. You can also email if you prefer to pay with cash or check.


What if I can't afford the PTSA membership cost?

If you are unable to afford the membership fee, please place a note inside the PTSA envelope stating "scholarship requested for PTSA membership" with your signature. You can also email


What is my time commitment if I join JSIS PTSA?

Once you become a member, there is no further obligation. Your membership alone strengthens advocacy efforts at the State and National level. You can, but are not required to, attend meetings and vote on business. You can do as little or as much as your time and energy allow. 


Why am I required to be a member of JSIS PTSA for my child to participate in After School Activities (ASA)?

Membership of one parent or guardian is a new requirement to participate in the ASA programs because PTSA is the agent for two reasons:

  1. The PTSA does not collect any enrollment fees to cover our administration costs of the program. All fees go to the outside vendors with the exception of scholarship money collected to support students who would otherwise not be able to participate due to financial reasons. However, if you cannot afford the PTSA membership fee please ask for a scholarship.
  2. PTSA members' children are covered by the PTSA liability policy and the risk of a liability situation arising during an 8 week ASA session with outside vendors is greater than a one-time PTSA event. For the safety of our students, we want to ensure that every child is covered under our insurance policy.


General & Board PTSA Meetings

General Membership Meetings

Location: JSIS Library

Oct 19, 2022 (Wed.)
Jan 18, 2023 (Wed.)
April 19, 2023 (Wed.)

Board Monthly Meetings
6:30-8:00pm (1st Tuesday of the month)
PTSA board meetings are open to all
Location (online)

*Dates might change as the PTSA explores rotating days in order to include more parents