Directory registration

Dear Incoming Kindergarten Families,

We are so happy to welcome you to school and want to make sure you're included in the school directory so you can fully participate in school life!

You must register to be included in the directory and to view it because it is a secure site. The general public does not have access to the directory; only registered school members can see the directory data that you choose to show. At least one parent/guardian must register to show their family's information in the directory and to receive school communications.

Please login here . Add your Incoming Kindergartener to your account by clicking ADD CHILD under Family Info. Enter his/her/their name, select "INCOMING K" in the drop down for your child's grade, and the appropriate language under the language drop down. Be sure to SAVE at the top of the page before logging out.

New families or non-registered returning families:

Please register on the PTSA website so you can receive school communications, view and update your information, as well as designate your privacy preferences.


  1. Click here to register, enter the temporary password (provided in the email from Ms. Sarah or email to get it) and follow the instructions to create your account.
  2. Enter or check your family's data.

  • If you are a returning family, click on your name when it is found in the system or search for your family (if they have a different last name than you). Check your information and make sure you are showing contact information if you want other families to be able to reach you (SEE PRIVACY SETTINGS BELOW). SAVE your information and settings at the bottom of the page. Click SAVE one more time.
  • If your family is new to the school, click the CREATE NEW FAMILY UNIT link. Add your contact information (at least an email address) and set your privacy settings if needed (SEE PRIVACY SETTINGS BELOW). SAVE your information at the bottom. Click SAVE one more time.

PRIVACY SETTINGS: Set your privacy settings and those of your family (under family info) by clicking on "click to show" next to the data you want to display in the directory. Remember if you "click to hide" something it will not be accessible in the directory and cannot be used by other families to contact you. Be sure to leave your name and email address in the system even if you choose not to display them, so that you can be contacted by room reps and teachers regarding your child's class. If your spouse would like his/her email in the directory, but would prefer to not receive school emails, you may turn off organization-wide emails for them under email groups.

  1. Make sure you SAVE your information by hitting SAVE one more time or CONTINUE.
  2. Verify Profile: Click Verify Profile to see your account. Make sure your information is entered properly and you have CLICK(ed) TO SHOW the information you want to be shown in the directory. Here you can add any other adults in your family and your Incoming Kindergartener. Click ADD ADULT to add other adults in your household. Please make sure you add any contact information you want to be shown in the directory and email addresses for adults to receive school communications. SAVE. Click ADD CHILD to add your Incoming Kindergartener. Enter his/her/their name, select "INCOMING K" in the drop-down for your child's grade, and the appropriate language under the language drop-down. Make sure you SAVE any information that you add or change at the top of the page before adding the next person. You can return to your profile by clicking the face in the upper right corner.
  3. Finally, please go to the upper right corner of your profile to log out to complete your registration.

Please note that by registering and setting your privacy preferences, you are agreeing that these preferences are in effect until you change them and that your information can also be printed for those school families who prefer a printed class list.

Once you have registered, check out our PTSA website and the online directory under the Directory tab! Please bookmark the site and come back often to see what has changed, as we will be adding more content over time. You can check your directory entry on the Directory page by searching for your child in the search field. You will need to enter your username and password to see the search results.

Thanks so much and we hope to see you 'online' soon!

Questions?? Please email the 2019-2020 Directory Team (Cathy Pirich, Carrie McClinton, and Lauralee Flaherty).


  • For families with special letters and/or accents in their names: It can be difficult to search for names with special letters/accents in this online directory. It is your decision whether to enter names with accents or to take them out to make them more searchable.

Our system vendor, PTOffice was selected for both their product functionality and their dedication to data security. PTOffice prioritizes data protection and has multiple levels of security to keep your information safe at the server level, the account level, and the user level. See their privacy policy here