5th Grade Science Fair

5th Grade Science Fair

March 19, 2020


The goal of the JSIS Science Fair is to develop fifth grade students' skills in investigation and communication when it comes to science.  Students will design a scientific question around one of four themes:  earth and space sciencelife sciencephysical science; or engineering design, which are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Students will develop a hypothesis, conduct an investigation, gather data, analyze results and present a conclusion.  Students are paired with volunteer mentors who will come into the classrooms for a total of five sessions to help guide the students on the scientific method from January to March. 

Judges are recruited from the local scientific community for students to present their final project.  Presentations will take place during school hours on 3/19/2020.  The entire JSIS community is invited to the evening Family Celebration in the school cafeteria.  It is an opportunity for family and friends to see the science poster displays with students informally sharing their science fair experience in addition to gaining some hands-on experiment opportunities.

The object of the science fair is for students to learn the scientific method in a fun, non-competitive, confidence-building way. 

 Students learn to:
 brainstorm ideas and come up with questions
 formulate a prediction
 test predictions through investigation, observation, and research
 come up with conclusions based on results
 display their work in a compelling way, and
present to a judge

For more information, please contact jsis.sciencefair@gmail.com