Have you registered for the Online Directory?

We are saving trees this year by going online with our new JSIS Online Directory!  Register for the Online Directory to gain access to the school directory and receive school communications.

Once you register you can review and correct your contact information, and decide what information to display.

How to register:
If you are a returning family, the easiest way to register is using the direct link in the email you received on 9/4 titled “Greetings from John Stanford International School PTSA”. If you’re unable to find this email or you are a new school family, you may register through the website using the steps below.
Registration Steps:
    1. Go to the new website (it has a new URL: jsisptsa.ptoffice.com)
    2. Click on the Login/Register button at the top left.
    3. Click on “Not registered yet? CLICK HERE.” at bottom.
  1. Enter Washington, and John Stanford.
  2. Enter the password JSIS2020
  3. Follow instructions to create a password and enter/check your data.
  4. Choose click to show/hide on each piece of information.
  5. Save your settings in the upper right corner “save contact”.
  6. Click on the Family Info tab and select each of your family members to check their data and select to show/hide each piece of information.
  7. Make sure you “save contact” in the upper right corner for each family member before moving to the next person.

VERY IMPORTANT: Many families are registering, but are not checking their family’s data and clicking to show that data. Therefore, even though parents are showing their data, many students are not being listed in the directory right now. Please be sure to check your listing in the directory on the PTSA website under the Directory Tab to make sure the information you want shown is there. If not, please login to your profile (upper left corner of the site) and click on family info to show your student in the directory (and any other data you wish to show). We are hoping to have complete class lists in the directory and encourage all families to show their student’s name.

Questions? Please email the Directory TeamThank you!