Curriculum Enhancement

Curriculum Enhancement

JSIS Arts Program

JSIS students have opportunities to explore art in various forms thanks to the PTSA, parents, and staff. As an international school, students create art around a topic from class or the school's preselected continent of focus. Here are the ways your PTSA supports enhanced arts at JSIS:

  • Visual Arts: A professional visiting teaching artist funded by the PTSA works with JSIS teachers to develop an art curriculum. Students create visual art pieces based on the art concepts they learn or by using a specific style from a world region or well-known artist.
  • Ceramics: JSIS is very lucky to have its own kiln! Students create multidimensional ceramic pieces from start to finish. They start with raw clay and continue through to final glazing and firing. Past projects have included cultural masks, animals, and architectural pieces.
  • Poetry Aloud: Classes take turns presenting works of poetry (or their own creations!) in English, Spanish, or Japanese, which they recite to the school during morning announcements.
  • Artist in Residence Programs: JSIS strives to host an artist in residence every year, funded by the PTSA. A professional artist visits the school and works closely with the teachers and students on a project, native dance, or music instruction. The program culminates in a student performance open to families.
  • Reflections: An optional PTSA sponsored art program held at various schools throughout the country. Students submit their original works in visual arts, literature, and photography -to name a few categories. Each student is recognized for his/her effort.
  • Art Supplies: The PTSA funds a robust art supply closet for use by the JSIS staff and the visiting visual artists, so that teachers don't have to use their personal funds.

Teacher Grants and Stipends

JSIS PTSA budgets a stipend for teachers ($100 per teacher) to use for curriculum enhancement or additional supplies. The Board also provides a larger grant with a total budget of $2000 per grade band (K-1, 2-3, 4-5) that teachers can use for expenses related to special projects, a special workshop, or a visit from an outside performer/educator. Additionally, the PTSA provides some funding for staff professional development including teacher training/workshops that support the school's mission statement.

Library Support

The Library is funded primarily through the PTSA.

After School Activities

The PTSA works closely with vendors, the school district, and JSIS staff to offer a variety of extracurricular activities that further the artistic, academic, and physical development of our children. Past offerings have included theater, chess, piano, martial arts, sewing, drawing, and much more!

Science Fair

The JSIS Science Fair is a yearly event to encourage fifth grade students' exposure to and love for science.  With support from volunteer mentors during school hours, students are introduced to the scientific method in a fun and noncompetitive way.  Students formulate and test a hypothesis through observation and experimentation.  They will also have a chance to present their findings and share their projects at an evening family celebration with the entire school invited.  For more information, please Click Here.